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One of our core expertise is Raman spectroscopy of materials at extreme conditions (e.g. varying temperature, pressure, magnetic- and electric-fields). Raman spectroscopy not only probes lattice vibrations (phonons) but also can probe various other quasiparticles. In our lab, we use this technique to try to probe the phonons and their interactions with various quasiparticles in order to understand their fundamental role in various novel properties of materials.

Inorganic metal oxides show a plethora of interesting properties (e.g. ferroelectricity, magnetism, superconductivity, and so on). However, at the interface of two metal oxides there is a possibility of reconstruction of charge / orbital / spin / lattice degrees of freedom that lead to emergence of a whole new types of properties, not seen in their bulk counterparts. In our group, we are trying to create new types of interfaces (of metal oxides) and explore new properties.

We have been recently funded by SERB (DST, India).

Title: Integration of Novel 2D Materials with Functional Oxides for New Functionalities: A Raman Spectroscopic Study.

Duration: March/2017 to March/2020

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